• JASMINE Body Frosting
  • JASMINE Body Frosting
  • JASMINE Body Frosting

JASMINE Body Frosting


CALLING ALL JASMINE LOVERS! Jasmine was traditionally used throughout generations as an aphrodisiac and to indulge in a calm and sensual experience. This ultra-rich, ultra-moisturizing whipped formula allows for a calm, soothing and relaxing experience of the mind, body and soul. This whipped soap uses an All-Natural Jasmine Essential Oil to provide a calm and comforting feeling in the bath or shower. Jasmine has been known to reduce feelings of worrying and anxious thoughts and uplift the mood and spirit of the human body. It is also anti-bacterial and removes bacteria which may be on the body. Jasmine is also known to reduce coughing and provide a relaxing experience. 


F A Q: Weight: 4 oz Amber Bottle This 4 oz bottle is carefully placed inside a dark amber bottle to avoid direct sunlight heat and light and keep the essential oils from being denatured or damaged. 


O U R C O M M I T M E N T: No artificial colors added No animal testing conducted (Passionately Cruelty-Free) 100% vegetable base soap Biodegradable Absolutely no surfactants Gluten-free Alcohol-free, Absolutely no SLS, parabens, or toxic chemicals 


P R E - S H I P M E N T: This product will be cleaned with Sage prior to shipment For External Use Only, Do not Consume & All claims are not FDA Approved, Discontinue use if you experience any skin discomfort. 


NOTE: This product is made fresh to order and may be slightly different than the picture shown above. Please allow for minor natural differences in your product. In addition, products will last longer if kept dry in between usage and away from direct water or sunlight contact.